Manual Admissions Information


You must turn in an application to Manual to be considered for admission. Students are selected to attend by a competitive process that evaluates achievement test scores, extra-curricular involvement, academic achievement, personal essays, attendance, teacher recommendations, and for VA and J&C, an on-site writing or drawing exercise. YPAS students must also audition.

Please note:

  1. Jefferson County residents are not charged tuition.
  2. Residency in Jefferson County is required for admission.
  3. School bus service is provided free to all accepted students.
  4. Transfer between magnets after enrollment is not permitted.

Manual Admission Dates

  • 10/27/18 Showcase of Schools; 9:00-4:00 at KY International Convention Center
  • 10/29/18-JCPS online application opens
  • 11/1/18 - Manual 8th Grade Open House; 6:00-8:00 p.m.
  • 11/7/18 Early Review* application packets submission deadline
  • 12/11/18- Early Review applicants notified
  • 12/19/18 - JCPS online application closes
  • 12/19/18 Application packet submission deadline 
  • Late February – Applicants notified of admission decision

Magnet Specific Application Information

Please click on one of the magnets below to find out more about the excellence, diversity, and tradition of the magnet programs at duPont Manual high school and how to apply.

High School University

The High School University magnet program is located in Manual's historic building in picturesque Old Louisville, adjacent to the University of Louisville campus. The HSU program seeks students with the potential for high academic achievement. Diversity is evident in both the student body and their courses of study. Students may choose from a wide range of college preparatory offerings in all academic areas.

Application to the High School University magnet includes review of seven short answer questions, an activities and interest survey, three recommendations, grades, attendance, and test scores.

Classes in all magnets are open to students with specialized interests or talents. Manual also offers the most College Board Advance Placement classes in the state. Upon the completion of these courses, students test for college credit. More than 80 percent of students testing from Manual score high enough to qualify for credit.

The HSU program provides a rigorous liberal arts approach, allowing students to explore a major area of interest. Students select a major in the humanities, arts, sciences, social sciences or can propose their own major. Engaging elective opportunities are available to students through a wide range of classes, such as Holocaust studies, world languages and culture, food sciences, fashion & interior design, African-American history, graphic design, web design, journalism, art, music, dance, theatre, and so many more. HSU provides a strong preparatory curriculum for all students.

If you would like to apply to the High School University magnet, please click HERE to get started.

Journalism and Communication

Founded in 1984, duPont Manual High School’s Journalism & Communications Magnet is a unique and exciting high school program that has grown in the last decade to become a model of 21st century learning, challenging students to be innovative, enterprising, creative, and well versed in media and technology.

Students come to J&C with a number of interests and ambitions — most often related to the fields of journalism, broadcasting, photography, graphic design, public relations, business communication, public speaking, politics, and advertising — but these areas of knowledge are applicable to any career or profession. Nationally recognized and awarded, J&C students take exciting and instantly applicable communications-related courses under teachers with professional experience. Students also select AP courses, core content courses and other electives that Manual offers to complete their schedule.

Students have real world decision-making power as the student press. All students naturally gain confidence when they see their work printed or uploaded, beginning their freshman year. They lead and manage projects and staff members, especially in their junior & senior years in editor and producer positions. Our internship program allows students to engage with the professional world, earning school credit while gaining career experience with businesses and organizations.

Students enjoy a close-knit, family-like atmosphere. An emphasis on respect, cooperation, and personal support between students and teachers is a program priority. For example, a summer retreat is held annually for students of publication staffs to learn leadership and problem-solving skills, as well as develop friendships.

There are numerous opportunities to travel domestically and internationally each year to conventions (such as the fall 2013 National Scholastic Press Association annual convention in Boston), workshops (such as the 2012 media workshop in China through the Summex program), and reporting opportunities (such as the 2013 Inauguration).

Students have access to superior technology. Our computer labs are comprised of iMacs with superior graphics technology. Our photojournalism students can check out professional lenses. We have the best Adobe software products, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and InDesign, installed on every computer for page layout, web design, videography, and photography.

Personal attention from teachers is standard. J&C teachers go the extra mile for their students to provide opportunities or just lend an ear. The teachers are in constant collaboration with one another — an authentic Professional Learning Community — in order to help students personally and academically. By the time students graduate, J&C teachers have usually worked with students over four years in myriad settings, enabling teachers to understand and advocate for their students in a more knowledgeable way.

Application to the Journalism and Communication magnet includes review of a portfolio quality essay on a specific prompt, an activities and interest survey, an on-demand writing session, two recommendations, grades, attendance, and test scores.

If you would like to apply for the Journalism and Communication magnet, please click HERE to get started and find out what is required.

Math, Science, & Technology

The Math Science Technology Program was created in 1984 and is designed to provide a rigorous curriculum that prepares students to be successful in any academic program at any college in the country. Academic rigor and research is expected of all teachers through the use of challenging homework, projects, class work, and extracurricular activities that will develop good problem solving and critical-thinking skills. Hard work is expected to be the norm, not the exception of teachers and students alike.

MST students have a core curriculum of required courses and access to 33 AP courses, the largest offering by any high school in the country. Students who achieve at high levels may also qualify to take classes at the University of Louisville.

Manual students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of science and math competitions, as well as participate in a wide variety of clubs and teams at duPont Manual.

Manual is active in Science Olympiad, Kentucky Junior Science and Humanities Competition, Kentucky Junior Academy of Science, Intel Talent Search, National Science Bowl, and Science /Math Proficiency Competition. Manual offers the American High School Math Examination and sponsors a Math team.

Manual is one of only three schools in the US to host its own accredited regional science fair, the duPont Manual Regional Science and Engineering Fair, which sends successful projects to the Kentucky Science & Engineering Fair and the Intel Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

Application to the Math, Science, and Technology magnet includes review of a portfolio quality essay, an activities and interest survey; especially any STEM related activities, two recommendations, grades, attendance, and test scores. If you would like to apply for the Math, Science and Technology magnet, please click HERE to get started and find out what is required.

Visual Arts

The Visual Art Magnet, created in 1984, provides an outstanding program for artistically gifted students. VA offers 19 art classes including College Board AP classes in Art History, Design, Drawing, and 3D Portfolio as well as access to programs at The Speed Art Museum, University of Louisville, and local galleries. All art classes have limited enrollment to provide maximum instruction for all art students.

The Visual Art Magnet has ready access to programs at the University of Louisville, and the Speed Museum, U of L Photo Archives, the Conrad/Caldwell House, and local galleries.

During four years at Manual, students will produce a portfolio of artwork suitable for application to a university or a professional college of art. Many students also graduate from the Manual Visual Art magnet and succeed in other non-art related careers that require creative problem solving, high order thinking and analytical skills taught in the Visual Art Magnet.

Also offered throughout the year: Visiting Professional Artist opportunities, Visiting Art College presentations, National Art Honor Society meetings, Art at the Beach Summer Program for students and volunteers, special art career emphasis in all art classes, College and Career Day which includes individual art portfolio reviews with top colleges and art schools around the country, and service learning linked opportunities with the galleries at Manual.

Application to the Visual Arts magnet includes review of a portfolio quality essay on a specific prompt, an activities and interest survey, an on-demand 2-D and 3-D art session, two art activities, review of three personally created art pieces, two recommendations, grades, attendance, and test scores.

If you would like to apply for the Visual Arts magnet, please click HERE to get started and find out what is required.


Youth Performing Arts School at duPont Manual High School is the most comprehensive performing arts high school in Kentucky where students have the distinct opportunity to train, learn, and nurture their talent to become tomorrow's artists. Students are selected to attend by a competitive process that evaluates achievement test scores, academic achievement, personal essays, teacher recommendations, performing arts auditions, and on-site writing prompt.

YPAS offers nine departments: Band, Dance, Design & Production, Guitar, Musical Theatre, Orchestra, Piano, Theatre, and Vocal. For more detailed information about these departments, please visit our website.

If you would like to apply for the Youth Performing Arts magnet, please click HERE to get started and find out what is required.

We want our application to be accessible to you and your family. If you need assistance in completing our application, please talk to your school guidance counselor.

Queremos que nuestra aplicación sea accesible para usted y su familia. Si necesita ayuda para completar nuestra aplicación, por favor hable con su consejero/a escolar.

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